Riverdale Family Orthodontics Named Best in the Bronx

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Riverdale, NY – Riverdale Family Orthodontics is pleased and humbled to announce the practice has received the 2017 Best of the Bronx Award for orthodontic practices.

The Bronx Award program annually recognizes businesses in the area that have achieved exceptional success and who enhance the positive image of small business through service and dedication to their customers and community. The exceptional companies who receive this award make the Bronx area a wonderful place to live.

“We are very thankful to receive this award,” says Dr. Catherine Woo. “Our team is dedicated to providing the best in orthodontic care, and I am extremely proud that Best of the Bronx recognized my team’s outstanding efforts.”

At Riverdale Family Orthodontics, the focus is on the patient – every team member strives to offer a warm, relaxing environment where patients feel safe and at-home. The team strives to continuously improve the way patients are cared for, and welcomes feedback so future visits can be improved upon.

The team at Riverdale Orthodontics is lead by Dr. Catherine Woo. Dr. Woo is a board certified orthodontist, demonstrating her commitment to excellence in the orthodontic field. Additionally, she is also a member of American Association of Orthodontics, American Dental Association, North Eastern Society of Orthodontics, and the Bronx County Dental Society. Dr. Woo received her dental training at Columbia University – earning her Bachelor’s degree, DDS and Masters of Science degree from the prestige school. Dr. Woo is committed to ensuring every patient who walks through her office doors receives exceptional care from her highly trained and compassionate staff.

Dr. Woo and her staff are honored to be awarded the Best of the Bronx award, but staff and patients who have worked with the team at Riverdale Family Orthodontics have known for a long time that the team is the best.

“My original impression after first meeting Dr. Woo was that she seemed especially friendly, easygoing, and patient, especially compared to the other, troublesome orthodontists that I’d had in the past.” 15 year old patient

“I’d say Dr. Catherine Woo was a very wonderful orthodontist during my experience with her. Every time I had a question she gave me the best answer to her knowledge and it was always an honest one.” 20 year old patient

“Dr. Woo always explained my treatment options, respected my wishes and cared about me as a person. I can genuinely say that I enjoyed going to the orthodontist.” 32 year old patient

If you are looking for orthodontic treatment from a team of highly skilled, compassionate professionals who are dedicated to serving each patient as an individual, Riverdale Family Orthodontics is for you. Affordable care, provided by a board certified orthodontist can be found by calling 718-884-7700.

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