Discover What Sets Dr. Catherine Woo Apart

Dr. Woo Bronx Orthodontist

Yonkers, NY – Dr. Catherine Woo is committed to providing the best orthodontic care possible to every patient who visits her at Riverdale Family Orthodontics. And she has the training to ensure that happens. Dr. Woo attended Columbia University for her bachelor’s degree, and continued on at the Ivy League school for both dental school and… Read more »

How is an Orthodontist Different From a Dentist?

orthodontist vs dentist

Bronx, NY – Orthodontists and dentists both serve important roles in helping people maintain their oral health. They each start out in the same place – dental school. But once they have graduated from an accredited dental school, their paths differ. After dental school, a general dentist can go on to begin practicing dentistry. However, an… Read more »

How is a Dentist Different from an Orthodontist?

dentist vs orthodontist

Bronx, NY – If you or your child need orthodontic treatment, you’re probably already wondering how you can fit appointments into an already packed schedule. And with more dentists offering some form of orthodontic treatment in their offices, wouldn’t it be more convenient to just see your regular dentist, instead of adding a new office… Read more »

Which Orthodontist Is Right for You?

Which Orthodontist Is Right For You

Bronx, NY – If you’ve ever Googled Bronx orthodontists, chances are good you found a host of orthodontists in your area. So, if it’s time for you or a family member to undergo orthodontic treatment, how can you know you are choosing the right orthodontist for you? “There are a lot of things to consider… Read more »