In Orthodontics, there are not many true emergencies. Most things are comfort related, and can be remedied. We will teach you step by step how to handle when certain issues come up. 

Loose Wires, Brackets and Bands

When braces break, there is a chance that the wire will poke out. If the wire has slid to one side, you can pull it back to the other side with needle-nosed pliers, replacing it in the tube on the back tooth.

If this is not possible, please use the Wire Cutter in your New Patient’s Bag to cut the wire that is jutting out. If you and your parent cannot cut the wire, give us a call, make an appointment and our orthodontist can take care of it for you.

If your braces break and no wire is poking out, and your next appointment is within two weeks, you can wait until that appointment and we’ll fix it. Or, if it is more than two weeks out, give us a call to make an appointment.

If there is a poking short wire, you can use the eraser on a pencil to tuck the piece under the brace wire.

Broken appliances i.e. retainers, class II correctors

Please call to make an appointment when this happens and bring in your broken retainer or appliance as soon as possible. Follow the above instructions if applicable.

Discomfort and Soreness

It is normal to have generalized soreness and maybe even mobility in your teeth the week after you visit your orthodontist. The soreness is especially noticeable the morning after your appointment. Don’t worry! Discomfort will fade throughout the next week but take appropriate OTC pain medication such as Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen as needed. Eat a softer diet if needed to help ease the soreness.

comfort-care-image4It is also not uncommon for your lips, cheeks and tongue to be irritated by your new braces initially. You can dry the braces in that area with a cotton ball, pinch a small piece of wax from your New Patient’s Bag and place it on the areas affected. The wax is not a permanent solution and will need to be reapplied as needed. Your lips, cheeks and tongue are very resilient and will toughen up to accommodate their new neighbors! You will have to be brave and pull through this short adjustment period too!

Sports Emergencies

In the case of a sports emergency, check for any damage of your teeth and appliances. If you notice any loose teeth, please contact your general dentist right away.