Rebecca’s Mother

Dr. Catherine Woo was the ideal orthodontist for my young daughter. She thoroughly evaluated Rebecca’s orthodontic needs, thoughtfully explained the options to us and then followed through on the plan. She was cheerful and gentle throughout. As a parent, I also appreciated how very responsive Dr. Woo was with scheduling requests. The end result was exactly what we hoped for and in the expected time frame. Dr. Catherine Woo was a delight to see and I could not recommend her more highly

Katherine B. (15yo)

Dr. Catherine Woo was my orthodontist for about three years. I came to her after having a lot of trouble with numerous other orthodontists that I’d been to. My original impression after first meeting Dr. Woo was that she seemed especially friendly, easygoing, and patient, especially compared to the other, troublesome orthodontists that I’d had in the past. My case was definitely more unusual than most other braces patients’ cases that I’d heard of. However, Dr. Woo tackled my case head on, answering any questions I had and accommodating me very well throughout my entire treatment. She treated me very well during all the years I was in her care, such as giving me her personal cell phone number in case of an emergency, being accommodating towards me with her schedule, and always making sure that my pain level was the lowest it could possibly be, although I hardly had any pain to begin with (yes, she’s that good). In the end, after spending countless hours working on my teeth, my smile now looks brilliant. Getting braces might seem scary at first, but Dr. Woo guides you through the process in a manageable way, putting you at ease. During my appointments, I feel as if, through the small talk we had while she was working on my teeth, I even got to know Dr. Woo on a somewhat personal level, and she almost even became a friend of mine. Having finished treatment, I will miss Dr. Woo very much. She is a wonderful person and doctor. I would recommend her to anyone.

Carolyn K. (32yo)

Dr. Woo always explained my treatment options, respected my wishes and cared about me as a person. I can genuinely say that I enjoyed going to the orthodontist.

Natasha M. (30yo)

Dr. Woo is awesome! She is very caring, professional, and dedicated to all of her patients. She delivers excellent services in a clean and comfortable facility. I am very pleased with what she has done for me and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Robely O. (20yo)

I’d say Dr. Catherine Woo was a very wonderful orthodontist during my experience with her. Everytime I had a question she gave me the best answer to her knowledge and it was always an honest one. Her advice while having braces were very helpful such as telling me to stay away from hard food, making sure I floss correctly, making sure if I had a sore gum she would tell me so I can take better care of it, and making sure I knew how to really take care of my teeth to also make the process faster. Many people have told me that I would probably have braces for about three years or so but she helped me get them off in a year and a half. She is very kind and always asked about my day and it felt like she really cared about me as a person not just as a patient. She was very committed to my treatment, she was never lazy nor care free. She took her time with my treatment and made sure everything was in the right place and I didn’t feel too umcomfortable. She sped up my process and the results were amazing I barely recognized myself! I had a big gap and lots of crooked teeth and with her help my teeth are beautiful and straight and my gap is closed up. I love to smile now and love taking selfies with my teeth which I could never do before. I would highly recommend her because she is simply one of the best and surely if you cooperate with everything she tells you to do you’ll get perfect teeth in no time.

Natasha P. (22yo)

I had my braces done by Dr. Woo at age 22 during dental school and was incredibly pleased with the results. She handled having a stressful dental student in her chair very well, explaining every step of the way and answering a barrage of questions. She explained the treatment plan thoroughly, calmed my anxiety regarding an extraction, and was consistently professional throughout my 2.5 years of treatment. Appointments were focused and efficient, but never rushed. She handled hiccups such as broken brackets (I never gave up eating nuts or carrots) with ease.

Now 10 months after having my braces removed, I’m still extremely happy with the results and am still receiving compliments of the job well done by Dr. Woo. It says something when my classmates, all dental students, and professors, who have been in the field for decades, are amazed by the transformation!