Which Orthodontist Is Right for You?

Which Orthodontist Is Right For You

Bronx, NY – If you’ve ever Googled Bronx orthodontists, chances are good you found a host of orthodontists in your area. So, if it’s time for you or a family member to undergo orthodontic treatment, how can you know you are choosing the right orthodontist for you?

“There are a lot of things to consider when choosing an orthodontist,” says Dr. Catherine Woo. “With a little bit of research, you can find the orthodontist that will provide the best care and be the best fit for your family.”

So what should you look for in an orthodontist?

An orthodontist spends two to three years beyond dental school in an accredited orthodontic specialty program learning everything there is to know about oral and facial development. Dr. Woo says to look for a doctor who has gone to an accredited specialty program to study the growth and development of the teeth and jaws.

Furthermore, a great way to find a good orthodontist is to seek out reviews. Ask trusted family members and friends, and seek out online reviews from patients. Sometimes, the best way to truly know the type of care an orthodontist provides is by learning directly from current or former patients.

The next step is to schedule an in-person appointment to get a feel for the office, orthodontist and staff.

Scheduling a consultation is a great way to discover if an orthodontist is right for you,” says Dr. Woo. “You’ll be able to see how convenient the office is to your home, work or school; make sure the office staff are warm and welcoming; and be sure the orthodontist’s demeanor is one you are comfortable with. You can ask questions, such as what payment options are available, learn about treatment options available in the office, and any other questions you may have.”

Visiting the office firsthand will give you the chance to see how up-to-date the office is and learn about the technology used to improve smiles. Technology changes rapidly, and the orthodontic world is no different – you want to ensure your orthodontist is using the latest in equipment, materials, and treatment options to ensure the best smile possible.

Orthodontic care is an investment in your future. A straighter smile can ensure better oral health and save you from a host of future problems, so it’s important to take the time to find the orthodontist that you are comfortable with and who can provide the highest level of care. Dr. Woo also believes it is important to find an orthodontist who is committed to working with your dentist to ensure your smile stays as healthy as possible throughout your time in braces or Invisalign.

Dr. Woo also urges not to let finances keep you from seeking out orthodontic care. Dr. Woo and her team are committed to ensuring every patient has the smile he or she deserves. To that end, they accept most PPO’s and strive to make the financial aspect of orthodontic treatment as convenient as possible for the patient. Her team will work with you to find a payment plan that will fit your needs.

Dr. Woo and her staff at Riverdale Family Orthodontics are committed to providing the best in orthodontic treatment, providing a family friendly environment, the latest technology and treatment options, and convenient hours, while being as affordable as possible. To schedule your free consultation with Dr. Woo, call 718-884-7700 today.

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